The RESIDENTIAL PONYCRAFT COURSE is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 16 years. They learn to care for their pony - catch, groom, tack-up - and have a daily lesson in riding from our qualified instructress, followed by two hours' ride out. This may include gymkhana games, jumping, cross country fences, or a ride on the beach. After lunch the children clean their saddlery. Then there is a variety of stable activities. They assist in the handling of foals and yearlings; the lungeing and schooling of younger ponies; treatment of minor ailments; preparation of a pony for a show; bandaging and plaiting; or learn about the conformation of a horse; how to vault on the ponies; or to drive a cart.

Accommodation: The children live in a nearby house supervised by a housemother. Not more than eight children stay at a time and there is a pleasant family atmosphere. We frequently have children from different countries, but English is the spoken language.

Other activities: There are lovely beaches with safe
bathing and rock pools for shrimping. Trout fishing and boating are available on the lake. Outdoor activities encouraged include collecting wild flowers, seashells and birdwatching. Expeditions are arranged to local places of interest, pony shows, regattas etc. Indoor games are provided at the cottage.

Clothing: A hard hat must be worn by children when
riding. This and other riding accessories can be bought at the stable shop, as can light refreshments. An anorak, rubber boots, thick jersey and swimsuit are also necessary.