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Errislannan Manor Connemara Ponies for sale 2015

We have bred Connemara ponies at Errislannan, County Galway, Ireland, since 1960 always using the same female bloodlines. Drimeen Dun 1449 was our first mare. In earlier days we had our own stallions – Errislannan Coltsfoot, Errislannan Sparkler and Errislannan Jester. As there is a much wider choice of local stallions now we can choose which one to use on each individual mare.

Three of our mares have been selected as premium Mares. We enjoy watching the foals grow up and like to keep them on until they are four or five and well ridden and ready to find a new family. We know their characteristics and their ability well and can choose where is the most suitable home for them. At present we have the following ponies for sale.

All ponies 4yr old and over are regularly ridden and pony clubbed. They are all CPBS (Connemara Pony Breeders Society) registered.

For Registered Connemara Ponies prices start from €3,000 for geldings and €4,000 for mares.
Please contact Mrs Brooks on telephone 095 21134 to dicuss your requirements.

Contact us: ------Telephone 095 21134 ------------------------Email ----- ErrislannanManor@gmail.com


Photo of the pony Errislannan Bubbles
Errislannan Bubbles CPBS G1 3403
Year foaled 2003.
Pony clubbed. Easy to handle and even tempered. Real family pony.
Sire Laaerkens Cascade Dawn (imported connemara stallion) IS5
Dam Errislannan Blanda (premium mare) 10005 by Abbeyleix Owen
142cm 14hh

Photo of the pony Errislannan Chough
Errislannan Chough CPBS M1-37210040015749
Year foaled 2006.
Grey mare
Sire Glendine Kestrel
Dam Celebration (premium mare)
A bright ride. Intelligent. Bred one filly.
Pony clubbed, nice jump
CPBS official 2008 143cm

Photo of the pony Errislannan Buzzard
Errislannan Buzzard CPBS G1-372100400004188
Year foaled 2006.
White grey gelding
Sire Glendine Kestrel
Dam Errislannan Blanda (premium mare)
Pony Clubbed all summer. Fantastic potential as working hunter. A 'strong' reliable pony.
CPBS official 2008 144cm

Errislannan Cygnet CPBS M-17994
Year foaled 2009
Sire Glendine Kestrel
Dam Celebration (premium mare)
Striking mare, lovely safe and enjoyable ride.

Errislannan Phoebe CPBS M-20097
Year foaled 2008
Grey filly
Sire Linsfort Barney
Dam Errislannan Primula (CPBS 13516)
Backed and ridden quietly. In foal. Lovely temprament.

Celebration CPBS M-10733 (premium mare)
Year foaled 1992
White premium mare
Sire Melrvyn Pookhaun
Dam Owen Lass
3 foals. Pony Clubbed. Quiet old mare. A great favourite.

Tina 2812092 ISH
Year foaled 1987
Grey mare. 13.1 HH
Regular pony club pony. Part Connemara - part Welsh

Year foaled 2002
Half Connemara half shetland. 13HH
Good leading rein pony

Year foaled 2009
Grey gelding. 13 HH
Three quarters Connemara quarter shetland
A lovely small childs pony. Has lead treks all summer.

Errislannan Blossom CPBS M-22060
Year foaled 2009
Chestnut mare
Sire Tullykyne Prince
Dam Errislannan Blanda (premium mare)
Quick learner. Well grown. Intelligent ride.

Tom Fancy CPBS 05/1977
Year foaled 2004
Chestnut gelding
Sire Moy Hazy Cove
Dam Derrartha Girl
Strong steady gelding. Good trekker. Easy leader.

Errislannan Angel CPBS 372 100 4000 17767
Year foaled 2005
Gold dun mare
Sire Grange Merlin Surf
Dam Errislannan Amelia
Has nice paces. Potential dressage pony. In foal for 2015.

Keel Smokie (known as Nettle) CPBS M1 372 100 4000 16723
Year foaled 1996
Flee bitten grey mare.
A rescued pony.
Was badly neglected
Good leading rein pony.

Errislannan Blanda CPBS 10005
Year foaled 1992
Bay mare
Sire Abbeyleix Owen
Dam Errislannan Sea Anemone
Now treking after years of motherhood.

Errislannan Chaulotte MI 37 2004000028039
Year foaled 2012
Sire Grange Merlin Surf
Well handled & friendly.













Further young stock for sale. Please ask.


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